John Sullivan(r) usaf retired (pictured with president lary)

 Not much to brag about, I never served in Vietnam but arrived in the Philippines just in time to see the POWs returning to Clark AB so I am a Vietnam Era Veteran. I only joined the VAA about a year ago because since I never served in Vietnam I felt it was not right to join and call myself a Vietnam Veteran. But since I have been a member I see that I was not the only one who felt like that. I have been a member of the American legion since 2000 when I was working for the 2000 census out of an American Legion Post and the post commander talked me into it.

I was born and raised in Detroit Michigan in 1953. I enlisted in the Air Force in 1972 to avoid being drafted where I was became a Security Policeman, now called Security Forces, and my first assignment was Wallace Air Station in San Fernando La Union in January 1973.

After that tour I served at Wurtsmith AFB Michigan in 1974. In 1976 I returned to Clark AB and was stationed there till 1980. I returned to the States and my last active duty base was Grand Forks North Dakota.

After my discharge in 1981 I attended NDSU and served in the ND National Guard. After graduation I got a civil service assignment at Shaw AFB South Carolina and wrapped up my civil service career at Tinker AFB Oklahoma and retired in 2011. As a side note I was living 15 miles from downtown Oklahoma City when the Murrah Federal Building was bombed in 1995 and felt the explosion shake my house.

As for my military career after leaving active duty I served in various National Guard and AF reserve units until retiring in 1989. On Nov 17 this year I will be sixty years old and will become an official blue-card carrying full retired member of the Air Force.

I have been married twice, my first wife was a Filipina but she died over 20 years but not before we had two daughters. I remarried another Filipina in Oklahoma and we decided to retire here where my pensions and her social security could go further and she is near her children and grandchildren.

president lary(l)
john sullivan(r)