Angeles City/Subic, Philippines
FPO AP 96517-1000
November 5, 2015

Subject: VVA 887 Chapter GMM Minutes for Tuesday, November 3, 2015.

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1. Chapter President Jim Lary opened the monthly GMM of VVA Chapter PI 887 on Tuesday, November 3, 2015 @ 2:08 PM in our meeting room in the MRW 1-Stop Cafe.

2. CP Lary followed the established ritual with the posting of the colors, Pledge of Allegiance and opening prayer by Chaplain John Gordy.

3. ROLL CALL: The Roll Call of Chapter officers was conducted by the Secretary. All officers were present except Sgt-@-Arms Silvernale who was excused and Webmaster Mac-Mac who was absent. There were 16 members in attendance.

4. INTRODUCTION OF GUESTS: VVA Region 9 Director Dick Southern (who needed no introduction) was in attendance. Welcome back Dick!

5. READING OF PREVIOUS MINUTES: Secretary Ray Jones made a motion, which was seconded by Don Donaldson to accept the Oct 2015 GMM minutes as posted on the DAV /VVA 887 Bulletin Board, VVA 887 Web Site and distributed to all members with an E-Mail address, subject to correction. There was no discussion and the motion passed.

6. READING OF COMMUNICATIONS: Emails received on following: USAF Recruiter Visit at RAO and Veterans Day Flyer from VFW Post 2485.


a. Treasurer L-Don read the 3 Finance Reports for Oct 2015. L-Don made motions that were seconded by Verne Grant and VSO Rhett W. to accept the reports as submitted and audited. There were no discussions and all motions passed

b. Any Outstanding Bills: None.

8. MEMBER OR FAMILY OF A MEMBER IN DISTRESS: LM Ron Burrus is on dialysis twice a week, LM Mike Jugan is on dialysis 3 times a week and has been put on a kidney transplant list, LM Eugene Flauntroy recovering in the U.S. Charter LM Dick Lannon passed away on Sat, Oct 17th in AUF MC. A combined VSO Memorial (VVA 887, DAV 3 and A.L. Post 123) was held in the Sta. Maria Mortuary on Thurs, Oct 22nd and he was buried in Clark Cemetery on Fri, Oct 23rd. Sec. Jones remarked on the lack of attendance of our local VSOs at memorial services. Please remember all these comrades in your prayers.


a. Membership (Ray Jones): Received the membership roster dated 9/30/15 for our chapter from VVA National. We had a total of 116 VVA members; this is 1 more than the previous monthís report. The AVVA had a total of 11 members, which is 1 less than the previous report. The VVA has a special offer on Life Memberships from now until Dec 31, 2015, dues are only $ 100 for anyone that is eligible (DD 214 required). Anyone interested in going Life, see Ray. There were two (2) applications for membership at this meeting. Ray made a motion to accept Tom Stephens and Richard Gaspard as Life members (pending their DD Form 214) and it was seconded by Rhett W. No discussion and the motion passed.

b. Community Activities (Jim Lary): Jim will deliver our monthly donation later this week. Plans for our Christmas Party for them will be discussed under Old Business.

c. Veterans Affairs (Rhett Webber): See attached VSO Report.

d. Audit Committee (BOD): Audit was performed and Treasurerís report was found to be in order.

e. Web Site (Mac-Mac): No Report.

f. Social Committee (Norm Macon): This monthís social will be at the Thi-Hi Bar on Thurs, Nov 19th from 2-4 PM. Hope to see you there!

g. Sundry Sales (Larry Wade): No report.

h. AVVA Affairs (Vacant): No report.


a. Porac Home Christmas Party: Jim discussed with Sister Inez at the Home concerning the Party. It is scheduled for Sat, Dec 5th at Noon, here in the MRW 1-Stop. A motion was made by Verne G. and seconded by John Sullivan to spend no more than P 50,000 for the Christmas Party for gifts and food. There was no discussion and the motion was approved. Item pending.

b. Dick Southern Visit: He has arrived!


a. Aussie Day Event: Need more info, so this was deferred until the Dec GMM.

b. DVD is available (donations accepted) on the Origins of the VVA. See Sundry Sales Chairman Wade.


a. The next DAV Chapter 3 GMM will be Fri, Nov 13th at 11 AM in the VFW Post 2485 Essary Room. .

b. A. L. Post 123 GMM is Wed, Nov 18th in their Post Home @ 10 AM (Note: the date was changed from Nov 11th so as to not interfere with Veterans Day activities). Their social will be in the Body Shop Bar on Thurs, Nov 12th, from 2-4 PM.

c. The next VFW 2485 GMM is Wed, Nov 4th at 2 PM in their Post Home meeting room.

d. The Beagles Organization GMM will be Sat, Nov 14th at 11 AM in the Dog House.

e. A.L. Post 10 GMM is Tues., Nov 10th at 11 AM in their Post Home.

f. Gift Presentations: Made by CP Lary to PCP Macon and Tony & Wilma for their inspiration and help. Congrats!

g. The 50/50 raffle drawing was won by Dick Southern (go figure) for P 2,100 with the same amount going to the Chapter.

13. MEETING ADJOURNED: CP Lary closed the GMM in accordance with the established ritual at 3:06 PM. The next VVA Chapter PI 887 GMM will be Tuesday, Dec 1st @ 2 PM in our meeting room in the MRW 1-Stop Cafe.

S/ Ray Jones S/ Jim Lary

Ray Jones Jim Lary

Chapter Secretary Chapter President