air force master sgt lafayette donaldson
Air Force Master Sgt Lafayette(Smooth)Donaldson served 20 years,7 months and 9 days in the military as an Inventory Management Specialist(Supply).He spent 7 years plus at Edwards AFB,Calif which consisted of two tours, on his final tour there he was assigned to the 4786 Test Sq,ADC for final testing of the SR71(blackbird). Other assignments were Thule AB,Greenland, Tehran, Iran, NKP and Utapao,Thailand, March AFB,CA and two tours at Norton AFB,CA where he retired on
1 Sept 1980. His AFSC being so deverified, he had the opportunity to work in many organizations that needed his AFSC. He was assigned to the Supply Squadron twice;working in the Base Supply Complex(Research Section first tour at Norton AFB). This gave him a broader knowledge and experience that could not be acquired in a normal Base Supply enviornment.