david  butler, us army, associate vva member

Our Featured Vet for this quarter is Associate VVA Member David Butler. Although David didn't serve during Vietnam, his accomplishments with the U.S. Army are as follows: He enlisted in the Six Month Active Duty Training program in 1957 with an eight year active reserve commitment. He service his six months of active training at Fort Dix New Jersey, assigned at company N. Upon completing this commitment; he remained in the active reserve with the 319th A.G. Army Band. During this assignment he appeared at numerous events though out the east coast. His service to our country was completed prior to Vietnam in 1962; however, he has remained a loyal supporter of his military cohorts though his membership in military associations, American Legion and as an Associate VVA. David has been active in our local community and currently serves the Chapter on the Social Committee by helping to select the establishments that we visit each month. He has also provided music for our Chapter Christmas Party for the Holy Trinity Home for the Handicapped (Porac). Additionally, he is president of a local community service organization that provides numerous social and assistant services to the local community and has aided in improving community relations between x-pats and the local community.