David J Myrand (CW3)(Ret)

Born in Lewiston Maine, 05-25-47, Oldest of 9, worked for the Maine Central RR when drafted in Oct 67. Because of prior education in mechanical & automotive maintenance with a strong background in Prime Power Production I was assigned to Engineer & Construction Equiptment Maintenance. In Viet-nam I belonged to the 62nd Engineer Bn, Land Clearing, 501st Land Clearing Company. This was a very unique unit in which we operated 30 D7E Caterpillar Bulldozers equipt with Large Angled Rome Plows made for Jungle brush cutting of trees and jungle overgrowth. As a mechanic I worked all night repairing the damage done to the machines during the daytime cutting operations. The plow operators would go out at daylight with a goal of 30 tractors and cut till dusk when the would come back to the NPD for chow, rest and tractor maintenance. Then we would triage the battleworn dozers and I would start ordering repair parts list of material to be flown out by helicopters from Long-Binh to the NDP. Repair work continued throuout the night to try to have 30 dozers ready for daylight, but this was mission immpossible. My time in service was up in Oct 69 and I went back to Maine. I worked one more year on the Railroad in the it downsized amd I went to other mechanical jobs, Radiator shops, motorboat shops, etc, all this while I was in the Army Reserve A Heavy truck Transportation outfit. 
          In April  1974 I went back to Active Army Duty and served in many Maintenance facilities in conus and Hawaii. While in Hawaii I was selected to be an equiptment inspector for the Inspector General of the 25th Inf. Schoffield Barracks. Upon coaxing by many superiors and peers alike I put in application for Warrant Officer. I was promoted to Warrant Sept 1980 and went to Ft Leonard Wood Mo. for Warrant Basic school. While on vacation in Hawaii during a very severe hurricane passed through and devistated the Island. I visited the Oahu Civil Defense office and lent my expertise on disaster preparedness, mitigation, & recovery operations. In August 1984 I was picked up From U.S.Army Reserves by F.E.M.A. with duty assignment at Oahu Civil Defense Agency and part of the Mayors staff of Oahu Hawaii. I stayed in that position for 17 years giving me a total of 30 years service to The U.S.Army Both active and reserve.
       While I was fullfilling my duties at OCDA I was also employed by the U.S.Postal service where I was a mechanic for billion dollar Postal Machines that did everything from unloading the mail to cancelling, sorting, printing barcodes and resorting to carrier routes.  There was also many upgrades to the machinery and the huge building that we were in, so I was directly responsible for building safety & maintenance of 6 acre's under one roof.
     After several indications of early Parkinsons disease I decided to Retire from both jobs in 2007 at age 60. My Beautiful bride of 33 years is a Philippina and I have been coming to PI since 1975. I bought a property in 1989 in Dau, Mabalacat and built my retirement home here.   I am a life member of American Legion, Amvets, D.A.V, V.F.W, & VVA. since 1984 And a 22 year member of Lodge 2669 B.P.O.Elks in Pearl city Hawaii.
                 Thank You for the oportunity to express myself of my contributions to fellow comrades in arms.
                                                                                                                            David J Myrand (CW3)(Ret)